Neck Liposuction

What Is Neck Liposuction

In the case of a patient that has a small to moderate amount of excess fat, liposuction may be a great alternative to a neck lift procedure. The ideal patient for this procedure has good-to-excellent skin laxity and has only a small amount of excess fat.

During your consultation with Dr. Sweeney, he will thoroughly examine you and listen to your concerns and priorities. All of the incisions will be outlined and shown to you. The incisions for neck liposuction are hidden under the chin. They are very small holes (2-3mm) that allow for entrance of the liposuction cannula.

The Procedure

Dr. Sweeney will review the procedure with you and discuss any remaining questions to ensure total comfort and ease. At this time, Dr. Sweeney may mark the surgical site with a surgical marking pen to prepare for the procedure.

A small incision is placed through the skin where the cannula will be inserted. A cannula is a tool that allows the fatty tissue to be precisely removed using suction.  After the fat deposits have been removed, Dr. Sweeney will suture closed the small incision.


Following this procedure, the patient can return home the same day with pain medication and a small wrap that stays in place for five to six days.

As the patient, you will be asked to do a few things while recovering to ensure your result is optimal.

1.  The incision is usually covered with steri-strip, please leave this in place.
2.  It is common for the swelling and bruising to increase in the neck region two to three days following surgery. It is strongly recommended that you use cold compresses (washcloths soaked in ice water) during the first 24-48 hours to help keep the swelling to a minimum. Please do not directly apply ice to the area.
3.  Remove your head wrap. Shower after 24 hours at least once a day and leave steri-strips in place. After showering replace your wrap and wear it for 1 week at all times and for two to three weeks at night.
4.  Keep your head elevated at all times for the 14 days of recovery. We recommend sleeping with rolled up towel under your shoulders and without a pillow. Elevate your mattress by placing the pillows underneath the mattress. This will direct swelling away from your neck
5.  Avoid turning your head from side to side. Turn with your whole upper body.
6.  Please do not bend forward, strain, or lift anything during the first week of recovery.
7.  Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen as these may increase the risk of bleeding.
8.  Sutures are removed at five days after surgery.


This depends on what you do for a living and will be discussed with Dr. Sweeney prior to surgery. In general, for neck liposuction only, the patient can return to work after five days, when the neck wrap is removed. However, swelling will still be present for several weeks and will take time to subside. The patient should expect discomfort and soreness under the chin and while significant bruising is uncommon it can be covered with makeup. No makeup should be applied to the incisions for three weeks as this can prevent healing.

Many patients feel comfortable going out in public when they are no longer wearing the neck wrap. However, a scarf can be used to wrap the head and neck when the patient is in public during those first five days.

Swelling will be present and take time to resolve. At four to six weeks, the swelling will have improved, but the skin will not have fully re-draped. Skin re-draping will start at three months. Between three and six months, your results will final result will become more visible. As with most procedures final healing is complete within 12 months.


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