Laser Resurfacing

There are three types of Laser Resurfacing


ActiveFX is a fractional laser treatment that visibly improves skin texture and tone, reduces uneven pigmentation and sun damage, and promotes new collagen formation.

This method is done more rapidly than conventional laser resurfacing, and results can be seen after a single session. Improvement can continue to be seen for up to 6 months as collagen development progresses over time.There is little to no pain associated with the procedure; most patients say they feel warmness similar to sunburn. The treated skin will flake off within two days, and most remaining pinkness will fade after a week.


The DeepFX procedure uses fractional CO2 laser microbeams to target the deeper dermal layers of the skin. This activates healing responses that regenerate tissue and trigger collagen development. DeepFX is especially effective in dealing with moderate to deep wrinkles, deep acne scars (including those caused by cystic acne), and enhancing skin texture and skin tightness.

Local anesthesia may be used during the treatment, and immediately following the procedure the skin will be warm and may look similar to a sunburn. As the skin heals, it will flake off and begin to show results. The healing time is usually 3-5 days.


TotalFX is a combined treatment that targets both the surface of the skin and deep layers of the skin.

Laser Resurfacing vs. IPL

Laser Resurfacing with the UltraPulse® CO2 laser is one of the most successful treatments for those with skin marked by fine lines, shallow or deep wrinkles, and inconsistent coloring.

This type of resurfacing removes the very thin, outermost layer of the skin, not unlike surgery; patients may experience some swelling and need special follow-up care for healing. Though the healing time is longer than other treatments, results from this procedure can be significant.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a good treatment for patients with more superficial signs of aging, like early changes in skin tone and texture. This treatment does not remove any outer layers of skin, so there is no recovery time. IPL provides patients with a refreshed complexion, and can help reverse rosacea symptoms or minor pigment problems, brighten the skin and give smoother texture or smaller pores.


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