Thigh Lift Surgery

What is Thigh Lift Surgery

Weight loss is a huge triumph for any individual. In some cases, men and women who achieve their weight loss goals sometimes require one extra step to complete their desired physical transformation. Based on the amount of time you were overweight and how much of that weight you lost, excess skin can be an added difficulty if the skin wasn’t able to adapt to the smaller shape and size of your new body. The thighs are particularly troublesome for many people.

Dr. Sweeney offers surgical thigh lifts (known as thighplasty), which trims away excess skin on the inner and outer thighs to create a tighter, more contoured look. This surgery has increased in popularity since it can give natural-looking results for anyone battling loose skin on the thighs. Thigh lift surgery at our practice corrects the entire thigh area for a tighter, shapelier, more contoured look.

The Procedure

For thigh lift surgery, general anesthesia is typically used. The whole procedure takes about two to three hours to perform.

A surgical incision is placed near the top of the leg in the natural fold where the thigh meets the torso. The incision usually extends along to the midway section of the thigh. This permits enough space to perform surgical liposuction (if needed) to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and to trim away the excess skin in the top of the thigh area.

The pattern of skin excision will be tailored to each specific patient to address the degree of laxity present and the quantity of skin that needs to corrected.  The pattern of skin resection may be result in an elliptical incision, a horizontal incision, or a combination of these approaches to achieve ideal results. In each procedure, sutures are placed deep in underlying tissues to help form and support the newly shaped thigh contours. Sutures, skin adhesive tapes, or clips may also be used to close the incisions.


Once the procedure is done, you will be monitored and assessed before you are allowed to go home to recover. There is usually swelling, discomfort, and bruising during the first few days of recovery. Patients are encouraged to get up and slowly walk around which is necessary for circulation and healthy healing. The first couple days following the procedure ambulation will be limited and it is important to have assistance during this phase. The overall recovery time usually lasts around six to eight weeks.

Wound care instructions given by Dr. Sweeney will help your surgical incision to heal properly. Although patients will have some scarring, the improved contour and shape of your legs will help you regain your self-confidence, and you can show off your thighs with pride.

Remember, you may notice some improvements soon after your surgery, but it will take around six to ten months until your new body contour and shape is complete.


Thighplasty is a skin tightening and removal treatment that addresses excess skin. Thigh lift surgery is considered a post weight loss treatment and is often used on people who have lost 100 pounds or more. It’s also helpful among older people who are battling loose skin caused by natural aging, as well as women whose weight changed from pregnancy and childbirth. If you have hanging, wrinkly, or loose skin on your upper thighs (whether it’s the outer or inner thighs, or both), this surgery can be a good option. Please keep in mind that if cellulite is the bigger concern, Dr. Sweeney can recommend different treatments that can help reduce the look of cellulite.

Thigh lift surgery is a great way to achieve nicely contoured and slimmer legs. Since a thigh lift includes tightening the skin and removing stubborn fat pockets, it can improve the visibility of cellulite and stretch marks in select patients. If you’re primarily concerned about stretch marks or cellulite, let Dr. Sweeney know in your consultation. He can customize your treatment plan to fit all of your goals.

After your surgery, if you stay healthy with regular exercise and a balanced diet, you should maintain your thigh lift results for many years. Dr. Sweeney advises you be at or near a healthy weight prior to thigh lift surgery so it’s easier to keep your results. Significant weight changes or pregnancy following your thigh lift can alter your appearance. In your consultation, Dr. Sweeney will discuss what will make your results last.

Many patients combine a thigh lift with a butt lift or tummy tuck to create a custom lower body lift. Thighplasties are also a common part of after weight loss surgery or a mommy makeover. In your initial consultation, talk to Dr. Sweeney about your goals, so he can develop a comprehensive surgical plan that gives you the best results.

Although there are non-surgical treatments to tone your skin and reduce fat, these are best for mild improvements. Thigh lift surgery is the best way to correct significant amounts of loose skin and stubborn fat on your thighs. If you’re considering nonsurgical options, ask Dr. Sweeney for more information in your initial consultation. He will tell you the pros and cons of both thigh lift surgery and non-surgical options, plus his recommendation on which would be best for your needs.


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