Earlobe Repair

Earlobe-Repair Walnut Creek


Years of wearing heavy jewelry can cause our earlobes to stretch and become more pendulous. It can also lead to changes to the piercing itself, resulting in a widened piercing site. This can make wearing earrings difficult, uncomfortable or even unattractive. Earlobe repair can allow you to feel more confident and wear your favorite jewelry again.

Earlobe repair can be performed to correct the following deformities:

Elongated Earlobes
Split Earlobes
Widened Piercing
Previous Gauge Earring
Traumatic Injury to the Earlobe
Removal of Previous Piercing

The Procedure

Earlobe repair can easily be performed in the office with just local anesthetic. Depending on the type of repair, excess tissue may be removed to make the earlobe more natural appearing. All incisions are carefully placed to fall within natural creases of the ear to conceal any resulting scar. 

The Recovery

Recovery from earlobe repair is minimal. There is typically no pain following the procedure, with patients only taking Tylenol as needed. Bruising and swelling may occur but it is also minimal. No time off from work is required and patients can return to physical activity the following day, being careful not to disrupt the sutures. The sutures along the earlobe remain in place for one week, after which they are removed. 

Re-piercing is performed six weeks after the repair if desired. This allows enough time for the earlobe to fully heal. Piercing is included at no cost as part of the repair package. Dr. Hall will provide instructions on aftercare and what types of earrings to bring at your follow up appointment to minimize the chance of the deformity recurring.